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USB Flash Drive

The Cyanotic "Mega Dose" is here! Grab one of these new limited edition Cyanotic 2 gigabyte USB drives and you wont be sorry. The distinct pill shaped Red and White USB drive is stamped with the Cyanotic logo and packaged in a realistic pill bottle complete with label. We only have 10 of these and then they are gone! USB drive holds 2G of music and comes pre-loaded with the following releases:

Transhuman 1.0

Transhuman 2.0

The Medication Generation


Worst Case Scenario Vol1

Worst Case Scenario Vol2

Gears Gone Wild

Gears Gone Wild: Spring Break


Cyanotic vs. Rabbit Junk - Drek Kick

Songs From The Hydrogen Bar - Cyanotic's cover of Suicide Jag

Special Bonus:

remix stems for the Cyanotic classics "Beta Blocker" and "Deface".

That's right! This one package contains 6 releases, 2 rarities, the stems for Beta Blocker and Deface plus this awesome and functional USB drive. Cyanotic wanted to make sure this USB drive was an awesome value for the fans and we think they have delivered!

Sold Out


Glitch Mode Recordings Chicago, Illinois

artist-run collective + label since 2004. angry robot music + futuristic dystopia sounds from Chicago, IL.

our Glitch Mode squad is dangerous. the entire unit: Cyanotic, Rabbit Junk, Vampyre Anvil, Venus in Aries, Relic, Breath&Decay, Amnestic, Nuclear Sun and more below
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